Melissa Butler

My passion and drive is to live a balanced and relatively stress free life enjoying the real things and empowering others to do the same through life choices.  I truly believe that we were all called to achieve our full potential and be the best we can be in order to give others hope.  We need to have the courage to see ourselves as the perfect being that God sees and loves us as.

My Favourite Things

My family, God, horses, friends, time by myself, the outdoors, challenges, success stories, beach walks, cycling with my husband and son, outrides on the horses with my daughters, spending time with my parents, the sound of the fish eagle, long telephone conversations with my sister and my special friends, travelling, waking up early and listening to the call of the bushbuck in the forest, my cat curled up on my lap, reading, improving myself,  inspiring women and particularly moms to believe in themselves, seeing others succeed. These are some of
my favourite things.

My passion and goal is to positively impact as many people as I can on a daily basis. Together, each one of us has the potential to make the world a healthier and happier place.

Business Start

Eighteen years ago I made the choice to change the direction my life was headed.  I was a young married woman and worked in the corporate world.  I realised that I wanted to take control of where my life was headed.  Over the years I have built up a network marketing business which has empowered many women to take control of their own and their families lives through good nutrition.  I have seen other moms able to stay at home with their children and mould the life of their dreams through believing in themselves enough to have the courage to step into their own business and build a life of their choice.  I have seen ordinary people start to live a great life.   My life has been enriched by the many people from all walks of life who have started to weave a bright and colourful tapestry into my life.  I am blessed to be a mom to three beautiful children and have an amazing husband.  They inspire me, motivate me and are the reason I do what I do.

I truly believe that if “i can do it so can you”. If i could take that first step out there to living the life of my dreams so can you!

My Experience

Years of Health Coaching Experience
Happy Customers with References
Contests and Conferences attended
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