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Become a Distributor

Joining NeoLife is easy! I have helped hundreds of people join online, I will guide you through the process if you need a hand or you can sign up yourself through our user friendly online process.

Signing Up – I have provided 2 methods that you can use to join. The one is to sign up on this website. The other is to call me for assistance.

Self Sign Up
Select the starter kit of your choice, optionally select additional products (at discounted rates) and go through a standard checkout process. You can pay via standard EFT or use PayFast a popular payment gateway to pay by credit card or instant EFT. Need some more information? Use the Fill in and Find Out method.

Fill In and Find Out
Fill in the relevant information needed to sign up. Then contact me or wait for me to get in touch with you so I can take you through your choice of starter kit and any other products you would like to order. I’ll will let you know what payment to make and handle everything
for you.

Your application and (optional) product order will be processed within 1 working day of receipt of your payment. A starter kit will be delivered to you with NeoLife literature and products in 1 to 3 working days. As a distributor, you will receive your unique NeoLife ID and can place any subsequent orders directly with NeoLife at a discounted rate.

What are the benefits?
You can order high quality NeoLife products at discounted prices (approx 20% off the standard price). You can earn revenue by building your own NeoLife business.

Do I have to start a business?
No, you don’t, but you might like to consider it as a way to earn some extra income. If and when you’re ready, we would like to help you
get going.

If you simply want to use the products to better your health and lifestyle that’s a great thing to be doing! There’s no need to read any further on this page unless you want information on NeoLife’s business opportunities.

How does a NeoLife business work?
Use the products and see for yourself the difference that they make.
Tell others about the products. Supply them and earn commission on your sales.

Encourage others to join your business team. NeoLife is a multilevel marketing company. That means that you can earn commission from the sales of those you introduce to the business.

How can I help?
I would like to help you advance your business by:
• Passing on customer referrals to you. From time to time I get requests asking for distributors in particular areas. If you are somebody with a high service ethic, I would like to pass referrals on to you. Remember that because NeoLife is a multilevel marketing company, I gain when you gain. It’s in my interest to grow your business.
• Giving you space on my website, so that you can use our site to gain exposure. This is an important part of our business plan. If there’s no one listed on my website in your area you could especially benefit – but we do allow multiple listings in an area. You can see our distributor listings live by clicking here. Please note that to ensure good customer service we will only list distributors who have been through the process of placing an order with NeoLife.
• Providing you with information on upcoming quality NeoLife events and training functions.
• Assisting you with the amazing online tools provided by NeoLife to launch your business.

Where are you looking for partners?
I am looking for partners throughout South Africa. If a distributor is listed in your area, you can still be listed there. At most a distributor can be listed in two different locations.

To find out more about the advantages of becoming a NeoLife distributor please contact me. Please include a phone number and WhatsApp contact where I can contact you if necessary.

I look forward to having you on board on my NeoLife team.

Contact Me

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