So… I have discovered that the easiest way to breakdown a polystyrene cup is to open an omega 3 capsule and pour the oil into the cup and within a few minutes the bottom of the cup will be completely dissolved. Concerning? Yes! Especially considering the fact that the omega 3 brand used was a well known brand from a well known retailer. Over the years I have tried this with many brands with the same result.
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There are a few things this experiment tells me.
Firstly, that we need to be 100% sure that what we are buying off the shelves actually does what we presume that it does.
It may be marketed as pure fish oil but do we actually know what the extraction process involved? Was it heat extracted? Was it chemically extracted?
Was this omega 3 product actually screened for the over 200 potential contaminants?
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be consuming an omega 3 product that can completely eat away a piece of polystyrene. Whatever the reason for this, can you imagine what is happening to your insides?

The question is, what do we look for when choosing an omega 3 supplement?
1. Is it cold pressed?
2. Is it screened for over 200 potential contaminants such as mercury and lead with an allowable detection limit of ZERO?
3. Does it contain all eight members of the Omega 3 fatty acid family in high potency through the process of molecular differentiation?
4. Do you know exactly what fish it is derived from?

If you don’t know the answer to any of the above questions perhaps it is time to start asking questions of the company behind your product. It is our right and responsibility to be brave enough to cut through the “marketing haze” of the nutritional supplement industry and get our questions answered. Just because a product is on the shelf in a health store it does not mean that it is good for human consumption.
One of the reasons I love our Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus is that it leaves the polystyrene cup just as you found it and the oil simply sits in the bottom of it. The answer is YES to all the above questions AND the results speak for themselves.
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